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If you go for the Glock 20, check out the SF models. If you have anything smaller than giant Mongo-sized hands, the smaller grip will probably fit your hand better.

Hmm... why the Glock 20? It would be easier to list the reasons not to own one. I can think of only two reasons:

1) You don't reload AND you don't want to pay $0.75-$1.10 each time it goes bang with full-power ammo. Hand loading and/or deep pockets totally negate this issue.

2) You're a complete pansy who can't handle any amount of recoil more than a 9mm.

Seriously, just buy the darn thing and get it over with. I used to be a semi-auto pistol afficionado- they were all I bought. After I got my 20SF, I no longer have any desire to buy another semi-auto pistol anytime soon. It is just such a great piece that anything else would be a disappointment. I'm now getting into big-bore magnum revolvers because the 10mm has ignited my desire for even more horsepower in a handgun, and you can't really get a more powerful semi-auto without switching over to a finnicky gas system like the Desert Eagle. The only more powerful option that is reliable enough for my picky taste is the big-bore mangum revolver.

Glock 20SF - best all-around semi-auto pistol you can buy for any reasonable amount of money, IMHO.

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