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Again we seem to be going off course again and making this post a 1911 vs Glock. The topic is GG on the same level as JMB. The answer is hell NO and it will always be hell NO. GG couldn't shine JMB's shoes. Hell he's not even on the same level as Bill Ruger. I'll agree GG built a very nice pistol but lets not get carried away by thinking he's anywhere near on the same level as many who came before him. As mentioned in and earlier post Glock as of late is being out glocked by many of it's compeditors designs and features. This is something JMB never worried about as when he finished one gun he was on to another and many times I'm sure he worked on more than one guns design at a time. JMB designes were more for country then it was for profit. This alone will always set him apart and on a different level from the others.
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