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Originally Posted by ArrizX View Post
My girlfriends dad has a 1911 Delta Elite that shoots the 10mm and I thought it was heavenly. Not sure why I want the glock in this configuration. I guess I want a 1911 in a .45 which I also dont have yet. So, everyone is saying it can be had for cheaper. I cant find where yet though. Local gun shop in town has it for $675
The larger caliber glocks (10mm, .45ACP) have always been $50-$75 more than the smaller caliber ones around here. And that was when there wasn't all the panic purchasing. And if it's a Gen4, you can factor in another $50 on top of that. The model 20 and 29 aren't on the shelves very often around here either. I had been wanting a 10mm glock for a long time and was never in the right shop at the right time. Ended up purchasing a BNIB model 20 from a private party. Is the price at $675 a little inflated.....yes, but not enough to keep me away from it had I still been looking for one.
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