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Originally Posted by Lowjiber View Post
My first "new" gun was a Stevens, single-shot, 20ga that I bought at the local market/carryout/liquor store on Rt66 in rural Missouri when I was twelve.

After saving money from my paper route, I rode my bike on the shoulder of the road about three miles to pay $23 for the gun and a box of #4 shells. No background checks, no questions asked.

I've had many guns over the years since, but still have that one.

Now, Obama thinks he's gonna take my guns. Over my dead body.

Hope you bagged a lot of rabbits, ducks, squirrels, pheasants or whatever you were gunning for in MO with that shotgun, and glad you still have it.
Nuthin' like being young and being able to earn money to be able to buy your own gun. It teaches you the value of a dollar

.....or what the value of what a dollar used to be.
Si vos non planto is melior , utique planto diversus.
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