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Originally Posted by MIWildcat View Post
I certain this is all subjective in comparison and we are on a Glock forum, so it should skew Glock.

Glocks are a lower price point than most SIG's (except the 2022's, which are within range), which makes them a bit more accessible to new shooters. Striker vs. Hammer is always up for debate and preference plays in here.

When I compare the G17/G19 to the P226/P229, the SIG's tend to have less muzzle flip due to the extra weight they carry, especially when I compare new shooters with both of these types of guns. I think that puts the high bore axis debate out the window. High bore has almost no net affect on the ability to shoot the SIG compared to the Glock.

Besides the striker vs. hammer, I think the biggest issue is the triggers and the pulls. Standard triggers on Glocks are usually god awful, as they are with many of the HK's. Once you get over DA by training DA, it isn't that big of a difference to learn to shoot it every effectively.

However, many shooters don't put many rounds down the range in a year and if they choose to not train, I'd suggest something other than a DA/SA. Go DAO or SAO and live with it. However, if I have to choose a go to war gun, it's the SIG. Very accurate, dependable, and proven.

Lastly, I'll just put this one out here...while I love both my SIG and Glock, I think the Walther PPQ is a better gun than the Glock, hands down. The trigger is perfect and it has taken the polymer game to another level.
Yep. Many always talk about the "low bore axis" making the striker fired guns softer to shoot.
I have compared the glock 31 to a 226/229 357sig. The difference, to me, is very obvious that the sigs are softer shooters due to the extra weight.
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