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Nothing unusual at the jail, other than a couple of fights. At my off duty job, I dealt with a suicidal female. Talked with her a bit, while waiting on LMPD. They arrived, I briefed them in, they transported the girl to the hospital for treatment.

Then, the fun started - my truck wouldn't start. Supposed to depart at 0430 (been working since 1500 the day before; I go straight to my off duty job). Called a tow, got home at 0600. Yay.

Spent Saturday replacing a starter. Normally, not the big of a deal. But, the nut that holds the starter wire on had fused to the bolt. We managed to get the starter off, because the bolt pulled right out of the starter, but was still attached to the wire.

Went and bought a Dremel tool, then managed to cut the bolt from the wire. Replaced starter, truck started. Haven't driven it yet, heading to church in a few minutes, so we'll see if it works.

So, my Friday screwed my Saturday - but nothing work related. Just the usual assortment of drunken idiots at the store where I work off duty.
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