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NYC in NY. It's nice to visit...
A few weeks ago my wife and I drove in with her sister/BIL from NJ. We wanted to see the 911 Memorial. BIL got a good parking spot and we began walking in. Soon we were in the funnel, and I saw the 'no guns/pocketknives' signs...
I stashed my little Kershaw in my shoe...
then we rounded the last turn and it's a full on airport magnetron.
I pulled out the knife and held it up to security, the lady at the gate said ask the cop on the other side for it. I was hoping for an amnesty bag or what not.
He says "This is illegal in NYC. Are you PD/FIRE/US soldier"? I reply that I'm not. He says he can confiscate it or we can call involve the police. I tell him to enjoy the pocketknife I've carried for a good ten years. Wanted to tell him that back home in Reasonableville I carry a gun, but followed the GT rule and kept my mouth shut.
We got back to the car (our rental), BIL parked just into a bus zone, the city got us for a $150 parking ticket and a $40 pocketknife. I won't get into the bill at NOBU but my sister in law is never to order dinner again. Ever.
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