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Originally Posted by Gallium View Post
I drove in ND once, and the entire drive from 3 miles out of the airport to about 8 miles from my hotel ( 7-10 mile run) smelled like total and complete butt crack. The vehicle AC was on "recirculate" but the smell was overpowering.

Our driver explained to us we were in meat processing country.

Still it is very beautiful country, and I did make the acquaintance of a really very intelligent, pretty and talented lady out there, when we hooked up months later I discovered she was a most outstanding headmistress.

On my return visit it was a loooooong drive in from Winnipeg. Some of the most beautiful parts of the country.

In summary, I've been to every state, at least 3 times, including Hawaii, and all of them have their great pluses - including NJ, which is the only state in the nation where every county is classified as "urban".

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