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Originally Posted by 9mm +p+ View Post
Ummmm, they are despite the fact that most are just in total lust over glocks. Serious folks run HK's and SIG's, don't get me wrong I've had glocks and never had an issue one but I prefer HK's and SIG's over glocks. Price probably has something to do with it as well, SIG's are not cheap, most people feel $600 on a gun that always works is smarter than $900 on a gun that always works. I prefer the feel of SIG and HK for that matter, I also like the quality of both of them over and above any glock that I've had or shot.
I think you are right on the money. It is cost of the firearm. You don't see lots of 1911 Colts, Baer etc because of cost but you see lots of off brand 1911s. Then Glocks are cheap and that is the reason of their popularity. Cops don't have Glocks because they are superior...theu have them because of cost. I have three Sigs and find them to be reliable and very accurate like the Hks I have too. You figure about 500 for a Glock vs eight to nine hundred for a HK or Sig.
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