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Originally Posted by cola490 View Post
I have orders into the Glockstore and Glockmeister, Glockmeister sends emails every so often asking for patience and saying thanks for the order, not a word from Glockstore.
Even during the best of times Glocstore's habit of not listing items that will be backordered on the website is annoying.

Lenny makes nice videos but his customer service is very poor.
A quick update on my orders with Glockmeister & The Glockstore.
I ordered 10 Round Mags for my Glock 19 on Jan 7th from both places. I received confrimation from Glockmeister and during the next month notices asking for patience and on February 9th I received my order. Not a word from Glockstore, I know it is a busy time, but customer service is still important.
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