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Originally Posted by 45Frank View Post
Does it do the forum justice to have a sponsor who treats it's customer in such away? Before post were deleted there were some complaining about waiting a month to get a return e-mail after placing an order, can't leave a phone message their box is full.
Getting an email back at all from anywhere right now is a good thing. The amount of time it takes to respond to the thousands of emails daily must be overwhelming. You may think it's easy to just hire someone to field those is easy, but it isn't. It would also affect the bottom line, which would drive prices up. In today's world you can get things cheap, fast and of good quality. Pick two.

Some of us have bought online before, and realize there's some trust involved. These companies (most) are doing their damnedest to get product out, at fair prices, as fast as possible. I'm waiting on a lpk from palmetto, a lower from Shadow Ops, ammo from Sportsman's guide (pre panic purchase), 20 round pmags from bo-tach, and a few odds and ends. I would've bought these all anyways at some point, and none of them are "necessary," so I guess that might make it easier for me. You need to understand you aren't their only customer to take care of.
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