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Originally Posted by blastfact View Post
Just haven't seen you post. So which one did you buy?
Havent yet. Building my money pile for a gun or multiple gun purchase.Having a hard time deciding. G20 is still right at the top of the list. Especially after I trade my only glock right now, a glock 27 tomorrow.

Originally Posted by damnyankee20 View Post
That's very cool. You may want to consider some real investments if your collecting. Most of us have collectibles and then we have our regular shooters. Enjoy!
What guns do you suggest? Im building a collection ill never part with, I dont plan on investing. I plan on enjoying! The AR would be a good investment if I wanted to sell it now though.

Originally Posted by rl356 View Post
As already stated, it's your money, and only you can ultimately decide what you want to spend it on. If it were my money, it'd be for the G20 all the way. Masterpiece Arms and Glock aren't even in the same class.
Realistically the same class no but fun factor? Maybe depending who is behind it.

I am making a 3 hour trip tomorrow to make a big trade with a guy ill be right next to one of the bigger gun shops in the state if I can find a reasonably priced 20 ill be coming home with it.

Originally Posted by willieH View Post
Like others have said, you can have the G20 for much less. I've been pleased with the performance and reliability. Don't be intimidated about the recoil, it's quite manageable. Shooting at a range will get wide eyed looks from people trying to figure out who's firing the cannon.

General Glocking

General Glocking
My girlfriends dad has a 1911 Delta Elite that shoots the 10mm and I thought it was heavenly. Not sure why I want the glock in this configuration. I guess I want a 1911 in a .45 which I also dont have yet. So, everyone is saying it can be had for cheaper. I cant find where yet though. Local gun shop in town has it for $675

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