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Originally Posted by Warp View Post
Problem is that if you are like the 15 other people I heard from, that email for an in stock BCM BCG got to you 3+ hours after they actually went back in stock on the website...and they only lasted on the wesbsite for 21 minutes. And I am fairly certain that those 21 minutes are the only time this year a BCM BCG has been available from BCM. And they were $225 + about $13 in shipping.

The PSA uppers lasted about as long, IIRC.

Eventually this year? Probably so, yes. But it's barely February.
The delay in the email didn't happen to everyone, it's some kind of software glitch or network issue with the service BCM uses for those updates. Primary Arms uses the same system, and they have had the same problem in the past.

Also, that was not the first time they were in stock this year, as I can remember at least one batch in January.
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