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My new Nano (pics)

I'll premise this by admitting...I was too anxious and shot the gun right out of the box. Not something I advise and not something I normally do.

With that said, I shot both Hornady CD and reloads that I've chrono'd to be very close to the CD. One exception - my reloaded rounds are longer.

Hornady CD 30 rds cycled fine. Over 200 rds of my reloads and I had 6 failures to extract. The guy who worked there said its not uncommon with that gun since they ship them dry.

I noticed it was pretty absent of any lube. Still, I used a cotton polishing attachment with my dremel and some jeweler a rouge. I polished the chamber and feed ramp. Then I cycled several rounds and cases. Everything appeared to work fine.

If I get more malfunctions, I'll send it back...but I think when it did fail to extract, it was barely having the problem. I'm pretty confident the cleaning, polishing, and proper lubing will resolve the problems.

Accuracy was really impressive. I went to the back of a poorly lit range (25 yds) and was still able to easily hit the bullseye.

It fits in my pocket of cargo shorts and cargo pants. It will be too big for other pants for me. The gun came with 2 mags - 6 rd magazine that fits in the pocket well, and an 8 rd magazine that has an extension (too big for my pocket carry, but great backup mag).

I'll post some pics.
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