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Compact Prototype owners;
It appears as much as 50% of the prototype Compact Frames have an issue seating the magazine properly. We have found the use of current production Gen4 magazines usually resolves the issue. If your frame still has an issue after trying Gen4 magazines we recommend removing material from the forward portion (to mid way) of the grip. Removal of material in this area will allow the mag to seat properly. The easiest way to accomplish this task is to use sand paper and slowly reduce the grip area while trying to seat the magazine. Remove a little and try again. Use the base of the magazine as an angle guide. Once the magazine seats you can dress the remainder of the grip, blending it in to conform with the mag base. The cause of this issue is due to a wide variance between OEM and aftermarket magazines. It is obvious we set our sights a little too close to the minimum side of this variance. We are making arrangements to modify our molds and expect to be back into full production by early May.

Sideline Critics:
This untraditional project is designed around shooters who WANT to get involved. They waited anxiously. They paid for prototype samples. They evaluate performance. They continue to contribute valuable information. They will see this project completed. They know their part is priceless. I am totally interested in what THEY have to say because they have skin in the game! They know first hand what needs to be done! I will consider any comment ONLY if it contributes to the advancement of this project. If you are a sideline CRITIC and blatantly post as such, you can EXPECT a critical response.

this is a better worded version of what i said and my experience is in line with these words

granted i used a dremel however i used old worn out wheels to simulate finer grit and i worked slowly

also a side effect of this is that my magwell is VERY nicely beveled which aides in reloads

in my opinion there is no need for an additional magwell because the beveling i did is about what a factory glock with a magwell would have *probably slightly less but in the real world it is near as makes no difference*

oh and i think i should tell you guys that i did find that the magazine release could be bumped in VERY unlikely circumstances specifically when working in a drivers seat the steering wheel can fairly easily bump the mag out

i settled on the conclusion that the mag release did not have enough tension my solution was to not fuss with the internals (as LW could and should for production frames) and wrap the grip making sure to go over the off side of the mag release making sure as to not make contact with the "button" side of the mag release with electrical tape

i found three wrappings to be nice and stiff on the mag release

oh FYI running factory glocks in a similar way CAN lead to the same problem Agrip remidied this on my 21c
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