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Originally Posted by countrygun View Post
Well, it just could be that it looks like a new member joined for the purpose of badmouthing a sponsor. Someone with no reputation on the forum bashing a sponsor, or anyone, doesn't have much credibility. No reason for anyone to give it weight so why bother with a thread like that?
Well it wasn't just me I bet there dozens complaining about the same thing. As I said I googled glockmeister bad service or something along those lines and found this site. So you delete all the complaints without explanations.
I figure this site just isn't for me then, if you can't complain about awful service that boarders on theft because it's a sponsor I really don't want nothing to with such a site because it looks like the site sponsors such business practice. I'm sure someone will flag this because I am critical of a bad sponsor so they may just as well delete my account.
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