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Originally Posted by Hummer View Post
Looks like a great rig, JD, perfect for both campgrounds and getting off onto more remote forest service and BLM roads. When we travel I often use forest service maps to find (free) sites that are beyond the high traffic campgrounds. Many places are real gems that offer much more privacy in a more natural setting.
I try to stay off the beaten path as much as possible. I refuse to stay in rv parks. I prefer to stay at cheap or free places. Where there are few to no people. I have 4 solar panels on the roof and 4 huge 6 volt batteries, plus a 4kw generator (I hardly use) so lack of services is no problem. I love BLM campgrounds, and NFS campgrounds, and any spot I can find to park.

I'm a pretty lucky guy I guess, I took myself to Alaska this summer (that pic was take en route). That cost me quite a bit (in fuel) so I might be stuck close to home this year, but it was worth it. I might come to Colorado if I go anywhere. Of all the places I've been it is my favorite.
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