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Their's one more call ( box ) that's easier, it's a box striker call like the one you install on a shotgun barrel.

Slate or Box callers are way easier than a mouth call. Both has advantage but the mouth caller is superior, since it keeps your hands free. Maybe more better for a string&stick hunter or a pistol shooter.

Also, what you should do is go out in the woods and listen to turkey speaking. Then go home and practice making the same sounds. If it a purr, crack, putt, or yelp, try to figure the motions that give you that same sound.

Box and slate callers comes in various styles and materials.Boxes are about one of the most user friendly call.

Also word of advise, once you get the turkey(s) attention, STFU. You don't need to call long or hard in some cases, and if you get to carried away you will scare the birds

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