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I am on day shift with weekends and holidays off. It never used to be that way. It took a long time to get on this schedule, so I am pretty happy about it. It makes for better family time. When I was single I started off two weeks days, two weeks swings, two weeks midnights. That got old quick. Not long after I got married, they finally decided to do month rotations. Then I got out of uniform and went to salary on call, and that was all day, all night all the time. Working three days straight on a case got old quickly. That and we got all the crap because we were the bottom agency of the merger.

I put it to go back to the day, swing, midnight affair, because they were looking for senior agents to come back. They offered me Buffu Egypt. I turned them down, and have been at my current position about 7 years.

When the fit hits the shan; however, weekeds, holidays, and day shift are out the window. But, hopefully no more natural disasters anytime soon.
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