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Based on your OQ. Yes if you get into it you will want something different to shoot on a regular basis. Yes you can start off with your 18" will be a challenge for a couple of reasons. The short barrel will swing very fast. The sight radius is 6"-10" shorter than most accepted field or sporting type shotguns. The open choke (cylinder bore ?) on that short barrel will be letting the shot disperse in a very open pattern at a shorter distance thus creating some fairly large holes on the longer shots. If you have a Skeet or Improved Cylinder choke tube use not forget to change back before you shoot Slugs or Buckshot. No...longer does not mean more FPS. In general..12ga 2/34 makes max pressure in 14". Much less friction in a shotgun barrel compared to Rifle and different burn rates on the powder. Besides most Skeet or Sporting Clay ranges restrict your ammo to target loads only. So you will be stuck with what ever their max is. Good luck.
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