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Originally Posted by Bren View Post
I take it you've never shot in competition.

You win national competitions by having a gun with good accuracy that you can shoot faster than everybody else, while still hitting the target and which is reliable enough to never fail during a match that involves hundreds of rounds.

If you think that isn't a good way to choose/test your gun for self-defense, you're doing it wrong.
And what kind of competition are we speaking of? Race guns, your serious fast ones, are often highly modified from stock. To boot, there is also a nice bias towards 1911's as well because they are so easily modified. SIG does make some nice SAO race guns as well.

Now, back to the SIG. They've been duty pistols and are used by special forces because they can shoot continuously without fail.

Neither my Glock or my SIG have ever failed in any way. No FTE, FTF, etc. between a stock Glock trigger and a stock SIG trigger, SIG wins hands down.
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