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Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post
If you have proof of credible coverage for insurance when the cancer was diagnosed, it cannot be considered an uninsurable existing condition. At least, that's how it has been explained to me, and I use to sell insurance (Property, casualty, life and health). Proof of previous, credible coverage protects you from that "existing condition" clause. Check it out, don't take my word for it...but it's worth looking in to!
I hope you're right, I need to check a lot of things out. I'm pretty freaked out right now, it seems my insurance company is pulling a fast one on me. My oncologist released me to go back to work, but my surgeon still has to do one more surgery on me next month. My insurance company chose to disregard that, and apparently is dropping my coverage. I'm pretty freaked out right now, and know nothing about what I need to do to fight them. Seems I'll need a lawyer to figure this crap out. Guess the insurance company decided I cost them too much money already.

Originally Posted by Magnus2131 View Post
Glad your last surgery is feeling better. I had hopes that your chest pain would subside over the years but I know how bad nerve pain can be and I'm sorry you have to go through this all the time.
Nerve pain, bone pain, cartilige pain, muscle pain, I feel like someone shot me.

Oh, wait...........

Thanks, I'm hoping it'll eventually get better, too.

Originally Posted by Lady Glock View Post


Wolfe...I am rejoicing with you over the remission!!! God is good, I am so pleased to hear that tests show true remission! I will keep praying for more improvement in your night terrors, and day terrors too...Great job with the idiot who tried to charge at you and your friend! I didn't realize how drastic the prayer need was/is for SR...I will step those prayers up another notch. God be with her and comfort her though this trial. Recovery be quick and complete. She is a precious friend on here...I hope and pray she will be ok and come back completely healed.

Dango, my prayers for you and your wife well as everyone else here who is in need of the prayers.
They didn't do electrical stimulation on me much, because it didn't do me much good when they did try it. Who knows if it was being done right. I hope they can get yours doing you some good, and you can go back to work.

Yep, I'm relieved. For the next 3 months, at least. I have to be checked every few months for the next 5 years, so I'll get nervous before each test.

I really miss being able to talk to her, and visit her easily. We lived right near each other for years, and now it's hard not to be able to just go hang at her house, or her come over here and we'd sometimes sit around talking and posting on GT at the same time and having fun. Of course there were other, wilder times. Not to mention all the times in the last few years she wanted to kick my ass, and probably still does. OK, I know I'm going on a bit here, so I'll shut up. Hopefully I can fall back to sleep after the nightmare I had earlier.
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