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18" Shotgun for skeet shooting

Question: I'm completely new to shotguns. I've fired tens of thousands of rounds through my pistols and rifles over the past decade, ranging from .22LR to 7.62x54R, but have never touched a shotgun. I've always wanted to get in to it, especially for the home defense side of things, but lately I've had another reason: a good friend of mine, who never was much into shooting, has gotten obsessed with skeet shooting. I'm going out next week to try it with him (wish me luck, it can't be that much harder than a rifle... right?). My question is, if I like it, do I need a dedicated shotgun for skeet shooting, or will a Mossberg 590A1 with an 18" barrel be OK for skeet? From my research online most skeet shooters use barrels of at least 26" if not more. I figure longer barrel = more FPS, but is the drop off in performance between a 18" and a 26" significant enough that it would be worthwhile to buy a longer barreled shotgun just for skeet shooting? Thanks for the help (hopefully this isn't a completely stupid question).

...and if the answer is "yes, it does matter", any good recommendations? I was thinking a Remington 800 or 1100 series.
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