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Originally Posted by jdeere_man View Post
So in laymans terms a DAK is essentially a double action only system with a lightened trigger pull, vs the "traditional" DA/SA sig setup.

I do shoot revolvers a lot double action, so I guess the DAK might not be a bad option as its advantage would be a consistent pull, vs the heavy/light pull of the da/sa trigger.
Sorta. Double Action Kellerman.

It has two reset points as you let the trigger out. First reset point has a heavier pull than if you let it out all the way. About eight pounds versus six to six and a half. I believe the intended purpose was to account for if the shooter short stroked the trigger. Technically you're supposed to operate it like a standard DAO trigger and let it all the way out and not use the intermediate reset. Up to you.

It doesn't stink. I prefer H&K LEM myself.

You can convert a Sig from DAK to DA/SA and back with the correct parts.
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