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Originally Posted by FLAHOTROD View Post
I concur. Not only these facts, but short .38 barrels often do not allow bullets to get up to a velocity that allows hollowpoints to open up and expand. Generally, a 3 inch or longer barrel is needed, but make concealability more difficult.

My recommendation is to seriously look at some of the micro 9mm's now out on the market (S&W Shield, Beretta NANO, for example). If this size seems like it will work for you, try out as many different models as you can. This is a quickly growing segment with several varieties from which to choose.

Good luck.
It's the wife. Thanks so much for this sound advice. I've been doing lots of research this week. After reading the great input on this thread, I'm not sure that I will shoot a revolver or really want to. For many reasons, I do not think it's a good choice.

I've been looking at the Sig P238, Sig P938, Ruger LCR and Ruger LC380. I know lots of women go for the .380 ammo but I really would prefer to go no smaller than 9mm with a smaller gun. Both of the Sig's have longer barrels than the Rugers and both the Sigs and the Rugers have mag extensions. My husband would like me to try the Walther PPS too.

Please keep the input coming as it's been so helpful in my learning!
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