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Originally Posted by mongo356 View Post
I don't see this.

Glock designed a reliable, easy peasy firearm, bubbits or design team aside Glock has his name on the gun. Is Glock the greatest no, but he's probably copied as much as Browning. Is there any company left that's not trying to make a Glock like polymer/striker style gun?

Browning designed the locking system, ok that’s great. So did every bow Fred Bear make, was that a copy from the Native Indians after all they made one first?

China came up with gunpowder, so is every gun that uses gun powder a Chinese copy? Maybe the guy that first used a lead bullet everyone copies that too......

Browning’s designs were good. They were also specialized and somewhat difficult, they kept gun smiths in work for a lot of years. You could possibly rob parts from another gun and maybe it would work, maybe it would take some craftsmanship to fit the part to make it work reliably.

I tried to give Browning his due so some of you folks wouldn't get upset, apparently I gotta drink the entire Browning salmon juice and nothing else. Can we just agree to disagree?

I think I wrote several posts back that I don't know every Browning design like the back of my hand like some of you, but from some replies apparently you are not that familiar with the Glock design as well.
Except glock copied the striker fired/polymer thing. Maybe you vcould tell us what glock did FIRST, before everyone else?You seem to be of the opinion that a 1911 is a super finicky and difficult firearm. In its combat form this couldnt be further from the truth.
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