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Originally Posted by GRT45 View Post
Don't be too hard on yourself about others misinterpreting your meaning. From all the comments I've read from Mas Ayoob, after thoroughly wringing out the G30S in live-fire testing, he isn't inclined to give up his G30 for a G30S. When a shooter with his skill and experience notes some difference in accuracy, I'm inclined to believe it's real, however small.
I would never give up my G30 (SF) for a G30S, either. I have shot some of my best GSSF scores with a G30 & give the pistol most of the credit for that. I have one of each & feel that the 30S serves a purpose the 30SF doesn't... & vice versa.

I have owned a few G21's & finally gave up my last one for a G30... even though I already had one!

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