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Originally Posted by Kablam View Post
Well Frank, I'm surprised our local chapter of the "i'm socially and intellectually superior to you Romney is just like Obama there's no difference between democrats and republicans the republicans stole their own primary from themselves and saint Ron" haven't chimed in and told you that you are a sell out neocon statist pro-life religious nut anti-science creationist social security wanting leech yet.

Seriously though, I think I know what you're saying. Even if it's only the "less bad" thing, it IS less bad to support the GOP. I only hope the party moves in the conservative direction as it needs to re-invent itself in a way.
I doubt anybody is going to disagree with my assertion that the democratic party is working to get more gun control, and the republican party is working against it.
Fear your government.
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For too long people have said "screw NY, IL, etc" or "that'll never happen here." Yes, it will eventually. If we dont start standing up together now, it will never stop.-ilgunguygt
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