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Originally Posted by Noponer View Post
Some of the "less accurate" talk about the G30S may be my fault for an earlier post on another thread. I stated that my shots tended to scatter more than with the G30SF......

but I tried to make it clear that it was my doing by letting the muzzle move too much. When I concentrate, I can hit as well with the 30S as with the 30SF. It's just that the heavier G30SF (or regular G30) helps the shooter to stabilize the muzzle more.
Don't be too hard on yourself about others misinterpreting your meaning. From all the comments I've read from Mas Ayoob, after thoroughly wringing out the G30S in live-fire testing, he isn't inclined to give up his G30 for a G30S. When a shooter with his skill and experience notes some difference in accuracy, I'm inclined to believe it's real, however small.
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