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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
Its a good thing I'm allowed to sell my home and move out, isn't it?

As far as being a government apologist - I have been employed by a local agency for 13 years. I have faith that the government has no money, and no organization, by which to do what you hypothesize. I can't even get money to fix broken shotguns and the single helicopter in the air unit barely flies.

Drones, my ass.
This is the true truth and perhaps the greatest guarantor of liberty. It really helps me sleep at night.

I worked BRIEFLY for the federal government 30+ years ago. The degree of disorganization and disorder boggled my mind. It's not that I don't think there may be some folks in DC who WANT to catalog every GPS coordinate so they can send mind-beams into my house when I try posting libertarian stuff on GT -- it's just that I think they're probably keeping too busy trying to get the right size toner cartridge for the copier.

TJ said "That government is bets which governs least." We got lots of least.
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