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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
It is coming up on the 20th anniversary. It is probably not a part of a grand scheme.

Whatever happened at Waco the lessons were applied to other groups. Does anyone remember the names of the two groups where federal agents essentially installed chain link fencing around a compound and waited for them to come out?

Didn't think so because it doesn't give you any hate fuel.
Actually, I'd phrase it as "it doesn't give [me] any complaints about abuse of power, over-reaches of authority or cases of inconsequential acceptance of responsibility".

I don't think for one minute that you believe me (personally) to possess some fundamental dislike for LEO's. The circumstances where I direct criticism usually fall in a pretty severe category - such as the Katrina gun grab (which did not include all LEO but certainly included NOLA Chief of Police).

Quite frankly, many Americans could not believe what we were watching when the tanks/engineering vehicles showed up at WACO.
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