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Originally Posted by CAcop View Post
Time of day?

Lighting conditions?

Did the officers know at the time what make/model of truck they were looking for?

Any signs of erratic driving?

Failure to obey commands to stop?

Do dangerous suspects change vehicles to escape detection?

Do dangerous suspects change plates to escape detection?

Do dangerous suspects enlist family members or friends to assist them in criminal enterprises?

I could go on with a series of questionsI would be asking the officers and witnesses.

IIRC you are an attorney.

What does Graham vs. Connor say?
And combine that with two more shootings in the hours before, one while the Suspect was enroute to another target and got stopped enroute to.

Some reports say they drove around a roadblock against police instructions. Lights off. Given the totality of the facts and situation, I would hold back till all the facts can be presented.
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