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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
can you post links that show successful warrants served on the proper house, then do a risk assessment based on percentages of warrants correctly served vs those that went to bad addresses? Nationwide data would be appreciated and would demonstrate a knowledge of proper methodology.
Originally Posted by razorsharp View Post
there are many instances of those agents going to the wrong address and using deadly force on innocent "poor and downtrodden citizens", aren't there?
Originally Posted by jbntx View Post
"many instances"???...

Law enforcement going to the wrong address and using deadly force on innocent citizens is extremely rare. It is the exception, not the norm at you make it out to be.

The truth is that the average american citizen, that has broken no laws. Has a greater chance of being struck by lightening, winning the lottery and killed in a car wreck all on the same day, than they do of ever being killed in a drone attack.
Originally Posted by razorsharp View Post
man dies in police raid on wrong house

police raid wrong house, kill family dog and make children sit with its bloody corpse

police raid wrong house, kill 61-year old man

slc police apologize for no-knock raid on wrong house

ogden police sorry for hitting wrong house, but veterans say officer safety comes first

i could go on, but i believe you get the point. It ain't "extremely rare".
Originally Posted by razorsharp View Post
i didn't make it out to be the norm, you're creating a strawman to knock down. As far as the number of instances, it has been far more than once, and one time is too many.
Yes, one mistake is too many, and yes, it has happened "many" times, and for many reasons.

Rarity requires comparison. You say it is not rare, yet you refuse to quantify the number of mistakes to the total number of warrant services. Why?

You say more than one is too many. Using your number, you would say that 5 out of 10,000, just to pick a number, 0.05% is not rare. At what percentage of total warrant services does the number pass from rare to not rare?
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