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Originally Posted by heliguy View Post
The D7000 is ancient. Time to do a system upgrade. Check out Sony A77. The new alpha series uses a tranlucent mirror which allows a number of advantages. Here is a comparison and for the extra $200 you get the absolute latest in camera technology.....
Yeah and then he needs to buy all new lenses. Derp.

As for the camera system, it's the lenses that makes the system.

Don't bother getting a "kit" lens.
Don't agree. There are many kit lenses capable of taking stellar shots. Everything is modified in post these days anyways.

I don't look at any variable lens (ie: 18x55) that don't have a constant F2 to F1.4 F-stop.
Disagree... Yes it's desirable to shoot as wide open as you can at times, but as we all know, the wider the aperture, the bigger the money in most cases. Besides, landscape and architecture photography is generally done stopped down and MOST lenses are sharpest closed up a couple stops.

Big aperture lenses are nice and necessary for DOF work but they're not required for a good photo.
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