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Originally Posted by Lone_Wolfe View Post
Can't say I really understand about what they're doing to you, it's a lot different than the therapy I had overseas, but I hope it starts doing you some good.
I do several exercises, working muscle groups that were affected by the sciatica and the surgery, then I get a 15 minute session with E-stem and a huge heat pack. I lay on top of the heat pack with the E-stem pads crisscrossing to cover the surgerical site. Do you know what E-Stem is? It is electrical current that sends a message to the brain through your nerves to tell your brain you don't have pain. Right now, my pain threshhold is so high that I need the machine to stay up between 45-53 (many people can only use up to 3 or 4 before their muscles are jumping, and that's not the idea behind this type of therapy). Anyway, the machine allows it to go up to 45, but then every few seconds, it lowers until it's between 32 to 35. I can barely feel it then, so it's doing me no good. I'm going to research the machine and see if there is a way to disable the safety feature that is causing it to do that.

I have an appointment with my surgeon on the 26th...I plan on walking in without the brace, the bio-med (home version of the E-stem) or the cane and get him to release me back to work status without restrictions so I can get back to work! Please...if you are a pray-er, please pray that I can be released back to work.

Wolfe...I am rejoicing with you over the remission!!! God is good, I am so pleased to hear that tests show true remission! I will keep praying for more improvement in your night terrors, and day terrors too...Great job with the idiot who tried to charge at you and your friend! I didn't realize how drastic the prayer need was/is for SR...I will step those prayers up another notch. God be with her and comfort her though this trial. Recovery be quick and complete. She is a precious friend on here...I hope and pray she will be ok and come back completely healed.

Dango, my prayers for you and your wife well as everyone else here who is in need of the prayers.
This is ok, right? I'm not breaking any rules or making anyone mad at me for this comment, Right?

Trust in God...Everyone else keep your hands where I can see them!
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