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When a " a normal day in law enforcement" becomes:

"We were going to go in there, we were going to kick a little bootie, then we were going to ease out and be home before noon. . . .
there is something fundamentally wrong with the associated law enforcement agency from the top down.

This is not a game. It is not a sport. They were there to enforce a search warrant, arrest Koresh and confiscate illegal automatic weapons. Yet the initial crew thought it would be a kick-bootie party.

Lessons from the failed raid have led to sharp improvements in medical care, training, planning and the increased use of snipers,
If these were the lessons learned from a 50 day siege than ended with the use of National Guard tanks and 76 dead, I'd say the correct lessons may not have been learned.
Other reports claim the first shots were fired by the ATF "dog team" sent to kill the dogs in the Davidian kennel
Yeah.. This was going to be an ugly day from the start.
So glad Janet Reno took full responsibility for this fiasco. That resulted in . . . . nothing. Just like Hillary's recent claim of responsibility for safety at Benghazi. Meaningless swill.
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