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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
First off - How are GPS coordinates an intrusion? They are no more than a way of mapping an area, albeit a lot more precise than previous methods.
I see that you are a government apologist. The "intrusion" would be the gathering of GPS coordinates of individual addresses under a false pretext. See, you say "mapping", while the pretext was for insuring an accurate census count.

Secondly - You had better remove the numbers that denote your street address from both your mailbox and your home.
Drones don't rely on the numbers on one's mailbox or home. They rely on GPS coordinates. Hey, this is a bonus for you. You may actually learn something.

Plus, the enforcement arm of the .gov is known to make use of your street address. SOmetimes, those evildoers are actually sent by other .gov agents via radio signals to homes for no other purpose than to harass and terrify local entrepreneurs who are simply trying to earn a living. The evil .gov agents will actually STOP these attempts at running a small business, and even go so far as to employ deadly force upon the poor and downtrodden citizens who only wish to make a little money for themselves.
And Govt. agents don't even do that very well, do they? There are many instances of those agents going to the wrong address and using deadly force on innocent "poor and downtrodden citizens", aren't there?
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