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Originally Posted by GlennS View Post
Here in North Alabama Sig pistols aren't looked on very highly. They are top of the line guns, easy to work on, easy to fire. The only drawback I have is the shape of the grips, hard to get a really high hold with the thumbs high like on a 1911. I have the P220, P225, P226, P228 and P229. For the 40 S&W's I have 357 Sig barrels. I consider the Sigs to be the best guns I have. Why have they not caught on any better then they have?
IMO, they are fairly expensive guns that aren't the best for anything. They have the DA/SA triggers that make them slower and require 2 different trigger techniques to shoot the first 2 shots well, they position the borer axis higher above the hand than just about anything but a Hi-Point.

Why pay more for a Sig, when all the guns that are fast, accurate and reliable enough to regularly win national competitions cost less (M&P, Glock, XD, CZ, etc.)?
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