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First time glock owner with a question

Hey guys, Obviously this is my first post although I've been following the site for a few months leading up to the purchase of my first hand gun, I picked up a G23 Gen 4 and love it. I have two questions. 1) I picked it up on Wednesday and immediately went out and put about 100 rounds threw it, it worked perfect! But at the end of the session I went to put a loaded mag in and it seemed like it took A LOT of presser to get the mag to lock in?! I had my friend who owns a G19 Gen4 try it and he got it to lock in the first try. Again last night I was dry firing it and noticed an empty mag was lock in with almost no presser applied but a loaded mag took several try's, all attempts I pressed a little harder to see what it actually took to lock it in place, so the question is, does this seem normal, do I just need to give it more effort? I didn't notice that I had to give it such a "hit" to get it loaded while firing on the range.
2) I want to know if anybody thinks this was a good deal, or if I over paid way to much? Keep in mind I am in Las Vegas and prices are different than maybe the Midwest or south. I paid $650 for the G23 Gen 4 with a born on date of 4/23/2011. The gun obviously had only been shot a few times (i was told it had 40 rounds threw it) there was no wear, no "smile" on the end of the barrel so I believe the number of rounds to be true. the gun came with 4 extra 13 round mags totaling 7 mags. the gun store I bought it at is selling the same factor mags for $35 a piece.
p.s. I bought it on consignment.

Thanks guys!
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