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Originally Posted by platform View Post
Get a Sigma 35mm 1.4 lens

And then decide what camera body you can afford to go with it.
(full frame body is going to derive more out of this lens)

This lens is extraordinary highly resolving lens (beating even zeiss) and it is under $900.

(I believe the lens is available for nikon, canon, sony alpha mounts)
I have other Sigma lens. It is ok. Actually the images are very good and the price is exceptional.

But lets get a better MM..
The 50-500mm, one hell of a zoom.
The 17-70 or even the 17-50.
If you are going to fixed lets compare the 105mm lenses. They are great for portraits/strudio and macro field work. I like My Nikkor, but I understand that Cannon does a good job also.

Originally Posted by heliguy View Post
The D7000 is ancient. Time to do a system upgrade. Check out Sony A77. The new alpha series uses a tranlucent mirror which allows a number of advantages. Here is a comparison and for the extra $200 you get the absolute latest in camera technology.....
I get the feeling that they author doesn't understand the inner workings as they gave credit to the wrong technology for an advancement.

My guess is they just look at the spec.. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are a few false assumptions.
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