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Originally Posted by wprebeck View Post
First off - How are GPS coordinates an intrusion? They are no more than a way of mapping an area, albeit a lot more precise than previous methods.

Secondly - You had better remove the numbers that denote your street address from both your mailbox and your home. I hear that government agents make use of those, for some very nefarious purposes. Some .gov agents even make daily visits to your home, delivering some type of letter or package...who knows what could be in there? Better call Alex Jones right now.

Plus, the enforcement arm of the .gov is known to make use of your street address. SOmetimes, those evildoers are actually sent by other .gov agents via radio signals to homes for no other purpose than to harass and terrify local entrepreneurs who are simply trying to earn a living. The evil .gov agents will actually STOP these attempts at running a small business, and even go so far as to employ deadly force upon the poor and downtrodden citizens who only wish to make a little money for themselves.

To make matters worse, those same numbers on your house and mailbox will sometimes draw the attention of .gov agents who will crash through your door with an axe. They will forcibly remove you and your family from your home, often in the middle of the night. If that's not bad enough, these same agents of the .gov will employ large water hoses upon your home, in order to gain your compliance. After soaking your home and all your possessions into ruin, these same evil people will disappear back into the night, while other citizens (whom you thought were nice neighbors) will clap and cheer for them.

And, you know, after thinking about it - the government will even send use those mailbox numbers to send its agents to your home, and force you to take drugs and other medicines you didn't even know existed or needed. Often, these agents are sent by the same radio signals as the first and second groups - but, I hear if you wear tinfoil, those signals can be blocked.

Perhaps you could cover your home in tinfoil, that way the signals can't penetrate your home. Please post a photo or two, so I can have a template for my home, as I see you have a valid point in worrying about drones dropping bombs on your home.

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