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Thinking about the use of drones in America

Prior to the 2010 census, the Federal government hired thousands of temporary workers to canvas the nation and obtain GPS readings for every home address in America. When objections were raised over this perceived intrusion, the citizenry was assured that the only purpose of the GPS readings, was, according to, to "reduce the amount of time spent by census workers in locating addresses."

It was further explained, "The exact geographic location of each housing unit is critical to ensure that when we publish the census results for the entire country, broken down by various geographic areas ranging from states, counties, and cities, to census blocks, we accurately represent the data for the area in question. If we correctly collect the information for a household, but incorrectly allocate that information to the wrong geographic area - not the one in which it is actually located - this will result in inaccurate data for two geographic areas."

Now, I ask you, wouldn't zip codes on the submitted census forms accomplish the same?

Now, in 2013, federal, state and even local governments are employing drones as a "tool for law enforcement". So, are you still confident that those GPS coordinates are only used to insure an accurate census count?
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