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Santa bought me my first new gun in 1966. An Ithaca M-66 "Supersingle" 20ga single-shot.

The first gun I ever picked out for myself and paid for was a Sears-Roebuck double 12 ga. A rebranded Stevens 311, it had 30 in barrels choked mod/full, and cost $79.95 in the Sears-Roebuck catalog. My mother called the Sears store and ordered it, a brown canvas hunting coat, and a couple of boxes of shells in those "pre GCA-68" days. That would have been about July...August of 1967. Sears truck delivered it to the house a couple of days later. I would have been about 15 I guess.

First one I ever went into a store and bought for myself, was a Winchester 12 ga pump gun. What were they? Model 1300? 1200? I forget. It had a rifle sight slug barrel I remember, and I bought it at the long gone Red-Ford and Sons sporting goods store in Richmond (Va.). I THINK I paid $129.00 for it. No idea when it was, but it would have been about 72-73 I guess.

First handgun was a 4" Model 19. I don't really remember when I bought it, but I got it from another long gone dealer in Chesterfield County. It was around $250.00.
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