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Originally Posted by golls17 View Post
I know everybody wants this guy gone, but I can't help but wonder if some have thought of not showing up for work to stay home and protect their families, especially those whose only means of protection is their duty weapon and may be a specific reason to be a target. I hope I'm wrong, and everybody is putting all efforts forward, but I've got to think it's crossed the minds of some.

If nothing else, I hope all the families have a plan, too. Seems nobody is safe out there.

Stay safe, be vigilant, and get this guy asap. I'm sending prayers out west.
A good leader/boss would tell those directly named in this "manifesto" to stay home and protect their home and family. Screw the job, screw the manhunt. Protect home. Call in guys on overtime to fill the void those guys would leave on shift. I know if I was called to overtime so a coworker could stay home to protect his family, I would be in my car minutes after I hung up the phone.
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