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Originally Posted by Patchman View Post
The major difference between the 5200 and the 7000 is that the small bodied 5200 (and 3200, D40, D60) only take Nikon's current production AF-S lens (very expensive) which have the focus motor built into the lens. The medium bodied cameras (D80, D90, D7000, etc...) have the focus motor built into the body. This means they can also use previous generation auto focus lenses (usually available at a lower price, or used).
Just for clarification... you can use ANY Nikon lens on the smaller bodies, you'll just have to manually focus it if it's not AF-S. And not every AF-S lens is very expensive.

As for a third option Nikon body, have you considered a used D80 body? (KEH is good source). I just bought one a few months ago to replace the last D80 body ("stolen" by my daughter) and it went for something like $250. Even a used D90 or a D7000 is under $1000. Just note that the D80 does not do video. It was replaced by the D90 (does do video, everything else same) which is being replaced by the D7000 (video and (IIRC) new sensor).
The D80 IMO is nowhere near the body that the D7000 is.

I'd definitely go D7000 between those two choices, as well as before the D90.
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