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Originally Posted by WarCry View Post
You are out of your mind if you truly believe this, or you have no concept of the political spectrum.

Socialism is the far left end of the political spectrum
Fascism is the far right of the political spectrum

Fascism is defined by adherence to strong social CONSERVATISM.

This does not exist in the United States, but to say there's "No such thing" is just flat-out false. History has plenty of examples of oppressive far-right governments.
No. Communism is far left. Fascism is leftist....socialism with a strong nationalist bent. Authoritarian Nationalism. Communists and Fascists are kissing cousins. The far right is not authoritarian. Authoritarian governments are leftist.

All evil murderous regimes in modern history are leftist. I'm sorry if that stings a bit but when your ideology flourishes, millions of people are killed.

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