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Originally Posted by jdh31313 View Post
I recently acquired a Walther PPK (Interarms) and know nothing about the pistol. I am thinking about using this gun for deep concealment or as a B.U.G. Does anyone have any thoughts on this pistol, positive or negative?
I've got a PPK and an LCP. The LCP is a much better carry gun because it is smaller and lighter, with the same "firepower"

But I have carried the PPK quite a bit in the past. If it is reliable, and if you like a double action trigger with a safety, there is nothing wrong with it. Just old style.

Nowadays you get lighter guns for the size and you don't need no stinkin' safety As long as properly holstered. But I guess the PPK does give some non-holster options. I'd rather use a holster, even if a pocket holster.

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