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Originally Posted by mc1911 View Post
They have freedom of speech and the right to disagree.
I do distinguish between loyalty to the country and the government.

Our government was founded by the constitution but our country was founded by the Declaration of Independence.

In my mind the Declaration gives us the right and duty to replace an oppressive government. This gives it precedence even over the Constitution. It is a very radical document and really makes the United States the most revolutionary country on earth.

The second amendment simply states that the people ( not the government or one of its entities) has the right to keep and bear arms. This backs up the Declaration .

I do not think talk makes them traitors it takes some serious actions.

The left conveniently forgets that these same rights would also be used to keep an oppressive far right government in check.
I'm with ya right up to the "oppressive far right government" part. No such thing. Far right is maximum liberty, oppression is leftist.

What is remarkable is that what is considered "conservative" today was liberal at the ratification.

The people are born with natural rights. The People created the government and so long as those natural rights are protected, they can end the government.

Folks who think otherwise seem to believe that the government came first and that rights are derived from the government, or that rights and laws hold equal status.

The people of North Korea have the same natural rights but the government has a monopoly on force and punishes them for exercising those rights. The rights still exist. The government is criminal and immoral.

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