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Originally Posted by chemboy View Post
Sounds like you are 'milking' the trigger a bit. That should go away after a few hundred rounds, tops.
FWIW, every time I quit shooting Glocks for more than a week or two, my first few magazines of ammo will hit low/left.

BTW, nice 'Texas Toothpick' you have there!
Thanks for the advice, guys, glad to know it's something that I can work out with practice.

@chemboy : it's a dead mint Marbles Trailmaker from around 2005-2006 from what I was told, it was during the last years of U.S. production when Camillus was making the blades for Marbles. Love the fact that it has a small "U.S.A." stamped under the Marble's stamping on the blade tang.
Originally Posted by Javelin View Post
Lets put it in perspective. The man who refuses to salute the flag, commits to a racist church, and has not served one day is about to put on the hat of the Commander and Chief.

It will be a sad day for all democracy. It will be a sad day for the United States.

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