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Originally Posted by chemboy View Post
Sounds like you are 'milking' the trigger a bit. That should go away after a few hundred rounds, tops.
FWIW, every time I quit shooting Glocks for more than a week or two, my first few magazines of ammo will hit low/left.

BTW, nice 'Texas Toothpick' you have there!
Thanks for the advice, guys, glad to know it's something that I can work out with practice.

@chemboy : it's a dead mint Marbles Trailmaker from around 2005-2006 from what I was told, it was during the last years of U.S. production when Camillus was making the blades for Marbles. Love the fact that it has a small "U.S.A." stamped under the Marble's stamping on the blade tang.
Lets put it in perspective. The man who refuses to salute the flag, commits to a racist church, and has not served one day is about to put on the hat of the Commander and Chief.

It will be a sad day for all democracy. It will be a sad day for the United States.

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