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Originally Posted by Texas357 View Post
$800 for a sub2k? I am not big on selling guns once I've acquired them, but for that price I'd hand it over in a heartbeat.
That was what convinced me. I saw people asking $900+ for them and thought hard about it. I just bought a PS90 which is a much cooler gun and haven't shot the Sub2K in a couple of years.

I do miss the fact it fit in a laptop case, otherwise I don't miss it a bit. Not when you consider what selling it funded (that Winchester Model 101).

P.S. I was in the local gun shop (Vance's) and they must have had a dozen ARs hanging on the wall. Pricing was still high, but a lot lower than it has been ($1200 - $1300).

I expect bottom feeder ARs to drop below a $1K this month. I outfitted my Colt AR15-A2 (20" rifle) with a full set of Magpul furniture yesterday. Bravo Company had the UBR stock in FDE for $220 so I jumped at it. I also installed the Moe forearm and a new Magpul grip as well. Really dressed up the old lady (she was made in '92). I am keeping the A2 furniture in case I ever decide to sell the rifle (not a high probability of that).

Must have got the last one of the sale UBR stocks from Bravo Company. Shows as out of stock now.

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Really like that new stock a lot.
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